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When it comes to the best AC Contractor in Miami, you should always think of Miami AC Repair & Installation regardless of whether you need maintenance, repair, or an installation done to your residential, commercial, or industrial property. It is not only limited to AC Repair but our certified technicians can handle all your commercial refrigerator needs as well.

Miami AC Repair & Installation has all the solutions that are needed to bring your property back to a cool environment. I would also say a heater but know that in Miami those are like running into a martian, they just do not happen.  We have been sharpening our swords for over 20 years at this so know that we are ready to go against your issue. We have perfected this craft and our experience and expertise will vouch for that. Residential, commercial, or industrial makes us no difference as we can handle them all. We have the people and tools that you need to always be your #1 option for all your AC Repair & Installation needs.

What sets us apart from other contractors is not only our experience, but our drive and coprporate culture to deliver the best results. We have grown this business with the notion and belief that it is easier to get a client from a referral than it is from chasing a new client down. This vision makes us strive to be the best so that we will be the only AC Contractor on your radar.

We understand that life schedules are hard to always predict so we work to cater our services around yours. Simply put, our residential, commercial,  and industrial AC Repair & installation clients are our #1 priority. We will always keep our working hours flexible enough to be able to accommodate around yours. School, work, doctors appointments, activities and many more things are just a few of the things on your daily plate, so we know that many times it is not possible to simply go during the weekday in the middle of the day. This is why we believe in being flexible to best serve our clients.

Don’t let the Miami heat get to yo anymore, not even for one day so always keep our telephone handy and drop us a line or send us an e-mail when you need us. Miami AC Repair & Installation is here to serve your residential, commercial, or industrial AC problems.

(305) 615-2247

South Cooling – LIC# CAC1817036

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