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Anytime that you are having Air Conditioning issues please remember that you have Miami AC repair & Installation always just a few minutes, clicks, or a call away. Miami is a tropical city in paradise with beautiful beaches, but along with being a tropical city means that it is a hot city. Being a hot city means that there are no options to not have a good air conditioning unit in your residential, commercial, and industrial property. You may have called some companies that may take a few days to get to see you and evaluate the issue, then a few more days to resolve the issue. We have lived here for many years and know that there is no option in getting the job done slowly or in a few days, it is simply unacceptable. For that main reason Miami AC Repair & Installation will always answer your telephone call, or e-mail and will have your residential, commercial, or industrial AC unit repaired in no time.

It is not only repairs that we do, but we also handle new installations or maintenance. Our certified technicians are fully licensed and insured  to handle any and all issues that may be at your residential, commercial, or industrial property.  Does not matter what type of unit you have either, over the 20 years of service we have dealt with almost all of them and have the experience to handle yours too.   We handle split systems, package units, mini split systems, or heat pump units.

How can our services aide you?

Customer satisfaction is our main and only goal as we discovered years back that this has been the secret to our success. With that in mind, we strive to  always deliver the best service possible since the clients are the ones that are the key to our future growth and further success. When it comes to Miami-Dade County then we are the best around; from Homestead to Aventura, or from Miami Beach to Doral, Miami AC Repair & Installation strive to never let our clients down. Our goal is to leave a trail of happy clients that will always return to us if needed or simply refer us to their circle of influence.

When you call Miami AC Repair & Installation for a job, put a smile on your face and relax as the problem is on its way to being a thing of the past. It does not have to cross your mind as to why the unit is acting up, but know that yo are on the Expressway to resolution. No service is out of our scope of works which include all of the following:

  • Air Handler
  • Freon
  • Freon Recovery
  • Fan Blades
  • Fan Motor
  • Condenser
  • Burned Wires
  • and much more…

If your problem is not here, you need not worry as over the 20 years we have resolved all types of issues and to list them all would simply take up too much space. Pick up the phone and one of our Certified and Licensed Technicians is on his way to assess your issue and will help you determine the best option available.

New Unit Install 

If the only option available is to install a new AC unit, just know that Miami AC Repair & Installation only deals with top quality product lines and will handle the installation process. We offer Financing options that are hard to match to quickly resolve your issue and keep your life moving forward. Our expert technicians will gladly help you choose the system that best suits your property.

Our work comes with warranty!!

We have the confidence and ability to offer this to all our clients since we only use Certified and Licensed Technicians to do the job. We always offer a warranty on our labor for 90 days and on our parts for 1 year. Miami AC Repair & Installation is on the case so put your mind at ease.

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