Commercial Refrigerators

Many underestimate the importance of a commercial refrigerator going down but luckily for you Miami AC Repair & Installation also repairs and installs refrigerators as well as commercial refrigerators. Miami AC repair & Installation knows the financial significance of an issue with your commercial refrigerator having problems, so like in everything else that we do, we run to your service anywhere in Miami. So always call Miami AC Repair & Installation if yo are having having any issues with your commercial refrigerator anywhere in Miami-Dade County.

Most think of a refrigerator at a residence, but think how vital a refrigerator can be at a business or commercial location. Imagine a restaurant that receives thousands of dollars in food daily or a hospital that has to prepare food for hundreds or thousands of people everyday. A refrigerator going down is very costly and can impose significant losses as they maintain large stocks of produce for many people. We know this all too well and for that reason again we are always ready to get on the move 24/7  so Miami AC Repair & Installation will have your commercial refrigerator back up and running quickly.

Since Miami AC Repair & Installation is around, its irrelevant for you to worry either the issue is too big or too small. Just remember that we are experts with over 20 years in the industry that can handle all situations that could possibly have arisen. We were born to handle these situations and are ready to go to work for your commercial refrigerator anywhere in Miami.

It may be your fan motor, compressor fan switch, overlords, fan blades, Thermostat, relays, or having Freon issues…. we have it resolved. We are professionals, that are reliable and fast at getting your commercial refrigerator back to do what it was made to do.

It is a fact that every company at one point or another will have an emergency with their commercial refrigerator, and when this moment arises please call Miami Ac Repair & Installation. We can provide your business with 24/7 365 days emergency help for your commercial refrigerator. Just call us and we have the vehicles running!!

90 days warranty is always offered on our labor and our parts come with 1 year warranty. We offer this so that the client can be assured so that they made the right decision and went with true professionals. Prevention is still the best medicine so we encourage all our clients to be proactive and let us design a long term maintenance plan to ensure the long lifespan for your equipment in good service.

Service Satisfaction
Simply like this, our goal everyday is to provide the ultimate satisfaction with our work and services . For over 20 years this has made us the best AC Repair & Installation company in Miami.  A satisfied customer is a long term relationship that we always strive for, so for all your needs just call Miami AC Repair & Installation.

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