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Lucky for our clients that Miami AC Repair & Installation understands the importance of having your refrigerator repaired or a new one installed quickly. Miami AC Repair & Installation has been doing this for 20 years in Miami-Dade County and we will remain the leader in the AC Repair & Installation industry. We have set the bar for standard very high in our local market and will continue to gladly carry the throne. Anytime you are having any issues with your refrigerator and need it repaired or replaced, call Miami AC Repair & Installation.

Many people never think of the importance of their refrigerator until the day that it fails on you or you have some issues with it. If your electricity goes out, or simply stops running for some reason then you really start to appreciate what the refrigerator does for you on a daily basis. We live in South Florida and know more than many places due to the high number of hurricanes that have hit our area and caused us to have days without electricity. How do you keep the food from going bad, milk from spoiling, and maintaining the remainder of the fridge items cold. When you have any down time to your residential, commercial, or industrial refrigerator feel glad knowing you have Miami AC Repair & Installation.

As a consumer you never have to worry about what the issue may be, and definitely do not worry about the time of day as we are available to answer your call 24/7 and have licensed and certified technicians available too. The 20 years of experience that we have under our belt will always show with the result of the work that we leave behind, WE ARE THE BEST AC REPAIR & INSTALLATION COMPANY IN MIAMI.

Regardless of what the problem is, you can rest knowing that we will restore your home back to your safe haven and cool environment that you always enjoy. When the moment happens that you need your residential, commercial, or industrial refrigerator to be brought back to life, just give Miami AC Repair & Installation a call.

Prevention is still the best medicine so we encourage all our clients to be proactive and let us design a long term maintenance plan to ensure the long lifespan for your equipment in good service. 90 days warranty is always offered on our labor and our parts come with 1 year warranty. We offer this so that the client can be assured so that they made the right decision and went with true professionals.

Service Satisfaction
Simply like this, our goal everyday is to provide the ultimate satisfaction with our work and services . For over 20 years this has made us the best AC Repair & Installation company in Miami.

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